New York Deli Provides Help to Struggling Families

Jess Drummond |
Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

A New York deli is lending a hand to scores of families in need, by giving away free hot roasted chickens.

Daniel Chessare from Saratoga’s Broadway Deli has enjoyed booming business despite the pandemic, prompting him last month to announce that he would offer complimentary hot roasted chickens until the end of the year – no questions asked.

Mr Chessare has told The Christian Post, there is no cap on how much poultry they’ll give away, but he expects that by December 31 they’ll give away some 200 of the items.

He says he’s learning that many families are slipping through the cracks because they are making too much money to get government assistance but struggle to support themselves.

The deli has a history of supporting local community causes and charities.

Mr Chessare says the more his business gives, the more the community is willing to give back.


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