North Korean Christians Required to Bow to Kim Statue

Friday, April 23rd, 2021
Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il statues

Although the founder of North Korea died in 1994, Christians there are still required to bow to Kim Il-Sung every year.

The current leader Kim Jong-Il’s grandfather was born in 1912 and is praised publicly each year for founding the state.
An escapee from North Korea has told Premier News, although the country is officially atheist, Kim Il-Sung is worshipped like a ‘living god’.

Every April the country is given a public holiday called ‘The Day of the Sun’, where people bow to statues of Kim Il-Sung.

There are even 10 ideological principles – likened to the Ten Commandments – including one requiring people to “have no one in authority above Kim Il-Sung”.

Meantime, Christian charity Open Doors estimates that around 50-70,000 Christians are in North Korean prisons or labour camps.

Any sign of commitment to Christ is a punishable offence.

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