Plea to Australian Government To Help Christians Flee Afghanistan

Reported by Tony Davenport |
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Christian groups are still trying to get more believers out of Afghanistan.

The Barnabas Fund has already helped around 400 leave the country.

But it says another 1,200 are at extreme risk and need to escape.

The Fund’s Australian CEO, Ashley Saunders, has called on Canberra to help

He’s hoping the Australian government will decide to “open its doors and its arms to Afghan Christians to help as many as we can.”

Most Afghan Christians are first-generation converts from Islam.

Under the Taliban, the penalty for apostasy is death for men, and imprisonment for women.

It’s estimated there are up to 12,000 believers in Afghanistan.

The Barnabas Fund is a charity dedicated to supporting persecuted Christians.


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