Pro-Life Student Wins Payout, Apology from University After Suspension

Jess Drummond |
Monday, November 30th, 2020

A Catholic midwifery student has won an apology and payout from a British university after she was suspended from her studies for her pro-life activities.

Christian Today reports, 25-year-old Julia Rynkiewicz was suspended from her studies at Nottingham University and subjected to a four-month fitness-to-practice inquiry, because of her role as leader of a pro-life group.

Julia served as president of Nottingham Students for Life, and faced the prospect of being expelled from the university.

According to The Telegraph, the university dismissed the case against Julia, who then pursued a formal apology from the institution.

A settlement has been reached and an apology issued.

Julia has told The Telegraph, what happened to her risks creating a fear among students to discuss their values and beliefs – something they should be invited to do at a university.


Photo credit: Alliance Defending Freedom International


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