Qantas Pilots Angry

Friday, December 8th, 2017

Qantas pilots are furious at the airline’s plans to use lower-paid pilots from New Zealand, to fly Australian planes.

Qantas will operate extra flights between Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland from March next year.

The new flights will kick in next March when Qantas’ codeshare airline Emirates reduces the number of trans-Tasman flights it operates with its Airbus A380 aircraft.

The airline’s transferring seven aircraft from its New Zealand subsidiary Jetconnect onto its Qantas’ licence.

But pilots employed in New Zealand by Jetconnect will continue to fly those Australian registered planes.

It’s the first time Qantas has regularly used foreign-employed pilots on local aircraft.

Qantas says nothing substantial has changed – the pilots will be flying the same aircraft on the same routes they always flew.

But the pilots’ union says Qantas is copying an overseas model used by airlines like Ryanair, to employ pilots at a lower rate of pay with worse working conditions.

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