Refugees in tent schools learn about Jesus

Refugees in the Middle East are finding new opportunities to continue their education through tent schools in refugee camps.

Over 1.2 million Syrians have sought refuge from conflict in Lebanon, and Dale Dieleman of Tent Schools International says living out of a tent to survive in a foreign country is the reality for many.

She says some have never known any other life, but with tent schools they’re teaching the children new skills so they can become part of the local community outside the camps.

According to Mission News Online, the organisation believes the most crucial part is faith in Jesus Christ, so each day starts with a short devotional time, a song, Bible stories, and prayer.

Dale Dieleman says even Muslim families send their children to the schools, which offers a completely unique opportunity to reach the pupils and their families with the Gospel.

She says with many refugee families now asking for another school the camp, they know so far it’s working.

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