Research Investigates “Spiritually Vibrant” Homes

Thursday, March 21st, 2019

Christians who didn’t have their faith formed by relatives are more likely to have stronger “theological convictions,” according to a report from The Christian Post.

New research released by the Barna Group aims to inform Christian families about what it means to live in a “spiritually vibrant” household.

Barna President David Kinnaman says it was interesting that those having a passed-down faith hadn’t evaluated some of the beliefs and formed strong convictions, but he says they did have more emotional connections to Christianity and had a warmer emotional climate within their home than other respondents.

The study also found that there are benefits to growing up in what is considered a “spiritually vibrant home”.

Spiritually vibrant homes were defined as households that pray and read the Bible, have conversations about faith, and welcome non-family guests into the home.

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