Researchers Challenge Assisted Dying Campaign

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

A new report by a British think-tank is challenging claims that assisted dying is a dignified death, saying true dignity lies in high-quality palliative care.

Christian-based researchers Theos say dignity is being used in the assisted dying debate to mean the freedom to choose how and when to end your life – but a non-assisted death is not undignified.

Director Elizabeth Oldfield has told Premier, hospices are wonderful places where people’s dignity is protected – and investing in them and getting churches involved will see even higher levels of care.

She says campaigners are understandably seeking to reduce suffering, but their use of emotive language to stir up support is doing more harm than good.

The Bishop of Buckingham is pushing for assisted dying laws in the UK to be relaxed.

He says life is a gift but also believes God wouldn’t mind if a person chooses to give it back in extreme circumstances.

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