Scatter Global Inspires Professionals

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

An innovative movement is breaking new ground in world evangelization through its job-market approach for reaching unreached nations with the Gospel.

Scatter Global inspires and places Christian professionals—from doctors and nurses, to engineers and hair stylists in countries closed to traditional missionary activity.

Christian Newswire reports that the initiative has been honoured by mission leaders and named as this year’s recipient of the eXcelerate Award.

Originated by Operation Mobilization and supported by a growing number of like-minded partners, Scatter Global is focused on reaching the 3.1 billion people with no access to the Gospel.

A majority of unreached people live in places that do not welcome missionaries, but are eager to receive Christian professionals in areas from healthcare and education, to technology and business.

Scatter Global joins a list of previous eXcelerate award recipients that includes Wycliffe, The Jesus Film Project and The Seed Company.

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