Shortage of Entry-Level Work

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Entry level jobs are becoming increasingly difficult to find, as more than 111,000 people look to enter the workforce.

An Anglicare Australia jobs availability snapshot found only 26,000 entry-level jobs are available.

Executive Director Kasy Chambers says at least four jobseekers are competing for one entry-level job.

“There are not enough entry-level jobs for those who need them most – people with significant barriers to entering and staying in the workforce,” Ms Chambers says. “We found that low-skilled entry-level jobs are disappearing, and there aren’t enough of them in any part of the country.”

The worst-affected states are South Australia and Tasmania; approximately eight South Australians are competing for every available entry-level job in their state, while there is one position for every 12 jobseekers on the island state.


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