Smuggling Bibles Into Iran Comes With a Safety Warning

Reported by Tony Davenport |
Tuesday, October 12th, 2021
white book pge

Christian ministry workers are smuggling Bibles into Iran where scripture is considered contraband.

Iran’s regime routinely cracks down on Christians and anything they see as a threat to Islam.

Christian worker Joe, told Mission Network News, the consequences are dire for anyone found with a Bible.

Two of his friends were jailed for six years.

But he says despite the concerns for one’s safety, there’s a genuine zealousness and desire for the freedom that comes with the Gospel.

Bibles are smuggled into Iran where they are then distributed through underground Christian networks.

Joe says, “we’re supposed to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s”.

But “whenever Caesar starts opposing God and His love, I’m willing to step beyond Caesar at that point.”



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