States Move Forward with Naplan Review

Thursday, September 12th, 2019

New South Wales Education Minister Sarah Mitchell says it’s time for a shake-up as New South Wales, Queensland and Victorian governments press forward with a review of NAPLAN.

Ms Mitchell on Thursday released the terms of reference for the review, which will be led by emeritus professor Barry McGaw, professor Claire Wyatt-Smith and emeritus professor William Louden.

“In 2019, it is clear that a diagnostic test should be on demand, it must be linked to the curriculum, it must focus on student growth and it must test informative writing,” Ms Mitchell said in a statement.

“NAPLAN, in its current form, does not meet this criteria.”

Under the terms of reference, the review will consider what the objectives for standardised testing should be – and how well placed NAPLAN is to meet them.

It will also look at effective overseas programs and determine short and long-term improvements to standardised testing.

An interim report will be provided to the education council later in 2019.

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