Superbook Transforms Troubled Vietnamese Boy

Monday, April 15th, 2019

The Superbook has had a miraculous effect on 11-year-old Vietnamese boy.

His mother has told CBN her son was addicted to video games which were having a profound impact on his mental health.

She says her son, who had been engaging with the games for several hours daily over a period of more than three years, began to exhibit suicidal tendencies.

She began praying for spiritual breakthrough and discovered Superbook had come to Vietnam and been translated into their language.

Superbook teaches children positive life lessons through Bible-based adventures.

She says her son has learned how much Jesus loves him and his outlook on life has changed. She says God is transforming her son as he listens and applies the lessons taught in Superbook.

In Vietnam, 7,000 children are learning the Word of God through Superbook.


(Disclaimer: Vision Christian Media is the distributor of Superbook in Australia. Find out more here.)

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