Teacher Forced to Flee China For Her Faith

Friday, October 16th, 2020

A Chinese Christian teacher who was once jailed for her faith says she was forced to flee China, after ongoing scrutiny over her beliefs.

The Christian Post reports, Esther told her story on a UN Human Rights Council webinar.

While working at a kindergarten, Esther led Christian summer camps for teens and adults.

The education department asked her to give up her faith and stop planning faith-based camps.

Authorities later interrogated Esther about her teaching content and materials, and her classroom was raided.

She was then charged with operating an illegal business and sentenced to two years in prison.

Even after Esther’s release, she and her husband continued to be watched by the government and moved around constantly to try to avoid trouble for their friends and family.

She said they had to leave China in order to live safely and practise their faith deeply and peacefully.


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