The Real Site of the Wedding at Cana

Friday, September 14th, 2018

Archaeologists believe they may have found the real site of the Wedding at Cana .

A number of compelling clues have been discovered on the dusty hillside site of a former Jewish village which existed between the years of 323 BC and AD 324.

Excavations have revealed a network of tunnels used for Christian worship, marked with crosses and references to Kyrie Iesou, a Greek phrase meaning Lord Jesus.

There was also an altar and a shelf with the remains of a stone vessel and six stone jars like the ones that held the wine in the biblical account of the miracle Jesus performed at Cana.

Dr Tom McCollough, who directs excavations at the site, said there were three other sites with a credible claim to being the Cana of scripture.

He also believes the discoveries could even bolster the case for the historicity of the Gospel of John.

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