Theological College in Lebanon Celebrates Double Graduation

Reported by Vision News Team |
Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

A theological college in Lebanon has celebrated two years’ worth of graduations, against a backdrop of economic upheaval and COVID restrictions.

The Arab Baptist Theological Seminary was forced to cancel last year’s graduation ceremony.

Mission Network News reports, last month 48 students from this year and last year graduated from countries all around the Arab world.

The college live-streamed the celebration to the students’ various locations around the region, which included prayers to empower student’s emerging ministries.

Loulwa El Maalouf from the college says, the classes have witnessed Lebanon fall into financial ruin, a terrible explosion that decimated Beirut last year, and a global pandemic that forced the college to close its residential program.

Students had to work from home, and some struggled to find good internet, but still managed to overcome the obstacles.

Mr El Maalouf says one of the students walked and took public transportation for more than an hour every day, one way, to find a cafe with internet to be able to complete his studies.

The student lives in South Sudan and has now completed his studies.


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