Tributes For Acclaimed Christian Linguist Who Trained Missionaries

Tony Davenport |
Sunday, December 12th, 2021
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Tributes are still rolling in for acclaimed Christian linguist Dr Cathy Bow who coached missionaries for language work.

Dr Bow taught a generation of men and women at St Andrew’s Hall, the training college for the Church Missionary Society in Melbourne.

Director David Williams said: “Cathy had an amazing ministry at the college and in the wider community.”

Eternity News reports co-workers as saying her legacy “lives on in 72 different countries that she trained workers to go to.”

They praised her “ground-breaking work in developing connections that reflected her commitment to Christ”

Dr Bow was most recently working with Aboriginal language owners when she suffered a fatal stroke.

Friend Ruth Brigden said Cathy’s Darwin friendship network is experiencing joy in the knowledge that Jesus has kept His promise to Cathy, and she is now safe with Him.




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