United Nations General Assembly Approves a Permanent Commission Of Inquiry Into Israel

Tony Davenport | vision.org.au
Thursday, January 20th, 2022

For the first time in its history, the United Nations General Assembly has established a permanent commission of inquiry into Israel.

The unprecedented decision puts Israel, the West Bank and Gaza under almost perpetual investigation.

Last week 125 UN member states supported a budget for the never-ending inquiry.

The US opposed it. Australia was among 34 abstentions.

Israel’s UN envoy Gilad Erdan said the organisation had fallen “to a new low and approved a budget for a despicable and biased commission that has no right to exist.”

The Executive Director of the United Nations watchdog ‘UN Watch’ told CBN News, the idea for the commission started during Israel’s war with Hamas last May.

Hillel Neuer said: “This is not something to promote peace, human rights, or justice. This is something to empower Hamas.”


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