Urgent Call for National Prayer for the Coronavirus Crisis

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020
Pray for Coronavirus crisis

National prayer for Covid-19 declared by national Christian leaders from Thursday 19 March.

Pastor Wayne Alcorn, National President of the Australian Christian Churches shares about the call to prayer on 20Twenty with Neil Johnson. Listen below.

Covid-19 Call to PrayerVisit christiansunited.online for more information.

Brian Pickering, National Coordinator of the Australian Prayer Network, shares an important call to action in the message below….

The heads of many of the Christian denominations within Australia have combined together to call for a season of concerted and urgent prayer for the national crisis being currently experienced related to the spread of Covid-19.  They have asked the Australian Prayer Network to call and co-ordinate prayer amongst the Intercessors of the nation.  Pastor Wayne Alcorn, President of the Australian Christian Churches who is acting as spokesman for the campaign said “I have a conviction that it is the time for the Church of Jesus Christ in this nation to stand united in prayer until we see this pandemic stopped.  I have been overwhelmed by the unprecedented support and unity that has been expressed when I have spoken to leaders of denominations and ministries across Australia.  We all agree that we should pray, regardless of our traditions.”

The official prayer initiative will be launched this Thursday 19th March, at 1900 hours and then daily until the crisis has been declared over.  All Christians Australia-wide are asked to pray for our nation in response to the crisis.  (The 19th and 1900 hours is simply an effective reminder and connection).  Churches are asked to include prayer for the crisis in their Sunday services each week as well as encourage prayer in their other meetings throughout the week.  Churches are also being asked to observe a National Day of Prayer and Fasting on Sunday 29th March.

For our members, and Intercessors generally, the Australian Prayer Network is asking that prayers for the current crisis be included in your daily prayer time.  To assist we will include some prayer points in our Australian News bulletin each week during this season of prayer.  As there is limited time to call the nation to this season of prayer we ask that you on-forward this to your Church leaders, prayer leaders and other Intercessors you know who would be interested in joining in.  The intention is that this become a viral campaign rather than an organised top down campaign with each Church or prayer group responding and implementing their own strategy as the Lord leads them.

Prayer points for the first week are:
1. That Christians Australia wide would throw off our differences and join together in united prayer for our nation at this critical time.

2. That God would grant wisdom and energy to our Prime Minister and our State Premiers as they seek to guide the nation through these difficult times.  Pray that their guidance and the nation’s response would avoid a financial calamity as well as shielding our nation from a health crisis that cannot be properly managed.

3. That our National Medical Advisory Team advising our leaders would be sharp, accurate and wise in the recommendations they make and that the Australian public will respond with a calm measured response and not the panic that we have seen in recent weeks.

Thank you for joining with us at this critical point in our nation’s history.  Let us pray that as a nation we emerge from this season stronger and wiser than we enter it, with a greater consciousness of our need for God in the everyday affairs of our nation.

For more information visit: christiansunited.online

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