VAD Bill Debated in Queensland Parliament

Reported by Naomi Milham |
Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation is being debated on Tuesday in Queensland Parliament.

The state government won’t make any last minute changes to its proposed bill, which would allow terminally-ill people to end their lives.

Wendy Francis of the Australian Christian Lobby has told Vision Radio, the bill is immoral.

“It’s immoral for the government to offer assistance to kill yourself, while neglecting at the same time the real need that there is – and that’s of palliative care funding,” said Mrs Francis.

“We’ve crossed a terrible line when we’ve made a moral equivalent between talking someone into life, and talking someone into death.”

The government says it will work with faith-based care providers who oppose the laws.

Guidelines for doctors at faith-based hospital providers will also be confirmed.

Despite a conscience vote for MPs, the new laws are likely to pass as soon as this week.


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