Vicar Blasts Hymn to Londoners in Lockdown

Monday, April 6th, 2020

A church vicar is using a loudspeaker and music to bring people some joy while they’ve living in lockdown.

Reverend Patrick Allerton is driving through the streets of his parish in Notting Hill, blasting Amazing Grace through his car stereo.

He’s shared the experience online, with a video on social media captioned: “If people can’t go to church, the church must go to the people”.

Before the music begins, he invites others to join in a singalong while they’re stuck inside their homes.

He told Premier News he hopes the singing of the Christian truth in the hymn will lift their spirits and point people to new life in Christ.

After the song if finished, Reverend Allerton prays the Lord’s Prayer and asks the residents if they want him to come again.

He’s been greeted with rounds of applause and a resounding “yes” to his offer of a repeat performance.


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