Vinnies Celebrates Young Volunteers

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

One of Australia’s best known Christian charities is celebrating the growing impact of its young volunteers.
The St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia now has 28,500 volunteers under the age of 40 – which is more than a third of the organisation’s volunteer base.
Affectionately known as Vinnies, Eternity News reports, the organisation has young people from primary school through to their late 30s serving in shops, soup vans and leadership positions.
National Vice President for Youth, Jacob Miller, says seven of Vinnie’s advisory committees are led by young people, with more than 60 individuals shaping how the organisation responds to public policy challenges.
Mr Miller says, Vinnies was founded by a young 20 year-old Spaniard nearly two centuries ago, and that spirit of youth is thriving in the Society today.
Vinnies in Australia now has 60,000 members and volunteers, who serve through more than 1,000 groups across the country.


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