Water Networks Under Pressure

Friday, December 8th, 2017

A report warns Australia’s population growth is putting a major strain on the water network.

Infrastructure Australia predicts that without substantial reform, water bills will more than double, by the year 2040.

Executive Director Adrian Dwyer says the sector is in need of change.

He says the Government needs to get a national plan, and to have a national champion for the water industry in Canberra.

He says state-based regulations need to be overhauled to achieve safe, reliable and affordable drinking water for all Australians.

He says that way they can avoid bills that go the way that energy bills have gone.

IA recommends privatising water and sewerage companies but says regulatory reform and a more efficient use of existing infrastructure and better maintenance are critical to keeping downward pressure on bills.

The report says for many families, growth in bills of this scale could cause significant hardship. In the context of slow wage growth and rising cost of living pressures, including increasing bills across other forms of infrastructure, it is imperative that the urban water sector ensures services remain affordable.

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