What Pastors Say They Need Most To Run A Church

Tony Davenport | vision.org.au
Thursday, January 20th, 2022

American pastors have revealed what they need most to run a church today.

Amid increasing social upheaval and chaos, Lifeway Research surveyed a thousand pastors about their most pressing needs.

More than three quarters considered developing leaders and volunteers and creating connections with “unchurched people” as their greatest challenges.

One of their biggest worries is congregational apathy and lack of commitment.

Pastors say it is a huge problem for leaders who want to grow their church and speak into the hearts and minds of parishioners and the public at large.

Lifeway Research executive director Scott McConnell told Faithwire, pastors are taking their roles as spiritual leaders very seriously.

He says their job can be lonely and stressful, yet preachers tend to place ministry needs above their own personal needs.

Mr McConnell says they desperately need more support.


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