Woman Credits Longevity to God After 110th Birthday

Saturday, August 10th, 2019

An American woman who recently celebrated her 110th birthday says it’s not diet or good health that’s behind her long life, but God.

Elizabeth Francis has told the local Texas news station that the Lord was the one keeping her alive and credits her longevity to the blessing of the Lord.

When she was born in Louisiana in 1909, life expectancy for women was just 54 years old but Ms Francis has well and truly outlived that prediction, more than doubling the number.

To celebrate another year, Ms Francis was surrounded by family, friends, community leaders, and the local mayor.

She’s now lived through six generations of her family, who say she is still mentally sharp and relatively healthy.

The world’s oldest living person is believed to a be a 116-year-old Japanese man, Kane Tanaka.

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