Yehweh With Vowels

Monday, March 12th, 2018

A team of researchers have discovered Hebrew Bible manuscripts containing the original name of God in Hebrew – with vowels.

For two hundred years scholars believed the Hebrew name of God was pronounced “Yahweh’ – but in 2016, Nehemia Gordon found never-translated Jewish sources identifying the vowels of God’s name as “Yehovah.”

According to Religion News – God’s name is written in most Hebrew Bible manuscripts with one of its vowels missing – making it unreadable – in accordance with an ancient Jewish ban on speaking his name.

The search for evidence to back the discovery began in February 2017 – and in less than a year, Gordon found 1,000 more Hebrew Bible manuscripts with the full vowels.

He says the 1000th manuscript from Deuteronomy says “to serve the name of Yehovah”.

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