Vision Christian Radio and Open Doors Australia
encourage you to give one day’s wage for the persecuted Church
on Wednesday the 28th of March

If one of your family were in trouble, wouldn’t you do all you could to help?

This Easter many of our Christian brothers and Sisters face dire consequences simply for declaring their faith in Jesus and are crying out for God’s help.

Wednesday, the 28th of March, is your opportunity to be the answer to their prayers by being part of Vision’s One with them Day of Unity.

The aim of the day is simple.

First, we want to cut through the busyness of life in Australia to remind us that there are believers share our faith but not our freedom, to stir you to pray for them regularly.

Second, we want to do something really practical. They give up so much – so we’re asking you to consider making a sacrifice too – to donate one day’s pay, or an amount of your choosing, toward Open Doors’ work with persecuted believers.

Please consider now how you will respond on the One with them Day of Unity… and be listening to Vision this Wednesday March 28.




We have ONE HOPE



Stories Of Christian Persecution

‘Preach, Pray or Die’ (at a moment’s notice) – Peter Hammond

“You’ve got to be ready to preach, pray, or die at a moment’s notice.”
“I’ve been in prison and gone through their torture sequences on a number of occasions.” Peter Hammond, Frontline Fellowship

The Christian Crisis in the Middle East – Elizabeth Kendal

“Like the Armenians, the Assyrians are part of that very, very early church. Nowhere in the Bible does it say the world will save the church.”

A New Attack on the Chinese Church

China is becoming a new heartland for Christianity, with estimates suggesting that there are between 70 and 100 million Christians spread throughout the continent.

North Korea Remains On Top of Watch List

The Open Doors World Watch List has been revealed for another year, ranking the top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted the most.

Vietnam ‘Faith, Love and Hope’

The regime in Vietnam keeps a tight lid on any emerging Christian activity and for anyone involved in Christian work, anonymity is extremely advisable.

Christian Persecution Needs Highlighting

UK government urged to use UN to highlight persecution

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