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We are excited to announce our 700th station is operating now in Lake Nash, Northern Territory.

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What Aussies Believe About God, Church, and Christians – Karl Faase

Media a major negative in findings about faith and belief in Australia “We get most of our media these days still through main (stream) media. And the question is who gives us that media?” “The fact that the ABC does not have one conservative commentator within its ranks.” “We’re getting through our newspapers and media …Read More

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Dr Kameel Majdali

2017 Australian Speaking Tour

Discover Who You Are Called To Reach

‘How is it that each of us hears them in his own native language?’
 Acts 2:8 NIV On the day the church was birthed, we read: ‘All of [the apostles] were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them. Now there were staying in Jerusalem God-fearing …Read More

No More Faking Fine – Esther Fleece

‘A lament is a passionate expression of grief that God meets you in’ ‘Lament is an introduction to the world…it’s broken and its hurting’ ‘This language of lament is found all throughout Scripture and woven through every single human life’ “Would someone like King David be a worship leader in our church today? Probably not,” …Read More

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Don’t Pick Me!

That was the surprising advice from Benji Marshall after admitting Kodi Nikorima was best choice as Brisbane halfback if skipper Darius Boyd returns.

Fuel Shortage at Auckland Airport

Air New Zealand has cancelled nearly 30 flights including one each from Melbourne and Sydney because of a shortage of fuel caused by a ruptured line at Auckland Airport.

Former RSL Chief Apologises

The former boss of the NSW RSL has admitted to using RSL funds to pay off part of his mortgage and pay for family members to stay at a presidential suite in a Sydney CBD hotel.

Paramedic Review Blasts Poor Conduct

More than a dozen Victorian paramedics have been caught using and trafficking illicit drugs stolen from ambulance supplies with some even taking intravenous bags to treat their hangovers.

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