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$100,000 in practical help, and priceless encouragement for Australian drought affected communities.

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Unprecedented For 800 Years…

The current drought in Australia is, according to historical research, unprecedented. As we look around we see many pictures of how farmers are struggling with survival across this great country of ours.

The Western Culture War – Dr Kameel Majdali

“Christian people and particularly pastors and leaders, the culture war is not something we can ignore…if we don’t make a stand it will affect us adversely.” Dr Kameel Majdali.

The Christian Common Law Foundation of Australia

“Our history curriculum is failing to address Australia’s Christian roots for legal and political institutions and how Common Law has impacted society.” Dr Augusto Zimmerman.

Becoming a Gospel-Driven Mum

A timely reminder that when you feel like a failure as a mum, God loves you, He sees you, and you are enough in Jesus Christ.

Trust God And Step Out In Faith (2)

‘Do not look behind you.’ Genesis 19:17 NKJV One time in the West Indies five ships, one of them British, were anchored in the harbour when a monster storm rolled in. The British captain immediately raised anchor and sailed out to meet it. Two days later, battered but still intact, he returned to the harbour …Read More

For King & Country’s Chart-Topping ‘Joy’: The Surprising Backstory

It’s hard not to be moved by its driving beat and message: about choosing a joyous outlook despite the world’s troubles; about looking up from our depressing news feeds, and connecting as humans.

They’re building a mosque near you?

(If there’s a mosque going up near you)..”Even support it, and when they open up, bake a bunch of sweets..,’We’re from the church down the street!’ Abdu Murray,RZIM.

Dr Kameel Majdali Australian Tour

Vision News Stories

US Awaits Results of Saudi Probe

Investigations continue into the disappearance of a Saudi journalist

Sister Diocese Helps Bathurst Out

An attempt to ensure Christian witness continues in NSW

Hi Tech Answer to Boarding Cards

Heathrow Airport plans to use facial recognition instead of boarding cards

Mariners Avoid Usain Bolt Speculation

Mariners focus on this weekend’s first round A League match, not Usain Bolt’s future

John Howard Campaigning in Wentworth

Mr Howard says it’s in Wentworth’s interest to stick with what they know

Holocaust Survivor, Netty 

“Apparently I screamed that loud when they took my baby sister away, that scream was in my father’s head all the time he was in the different concentration camps.” Netty, holocaust survivor.

A New Heart for His People – Joel Tuita

“It was seeing Jesus at the foot of my bed just comforting me and waiting for me to wake up…I believe He gave me a new heart, a brand new heart for His people.” Joel Tuita.

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The Yellow Black Attack Is Back!

“We’re excited to come and perform a lot of new songs… and we’re going to be doing the classic songs as well.” Stryper frontman Michael Sweet.

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