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Corporate ‘Sermonising’ the YES Vote – David Pellowe

Should Australian companies be pushing ‘marriage equality’ on their consumers? “I think we should do what Margaret Court did and communicate publicly our displeasure at the company replacing service with sermons.” – David Pellowe

Beyond Gold – Churches Prepare for Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

When the tens of thousands of visitors teem into the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games that start 4 April 2018, among them will be close to 15-thousand volunteers from churches across the nation for the spectacular 11-day sporting and cultural event. Apart from the multitudes attending plus the 6,600 athletes from 70 nations and …Read More

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The Differences Between Samson And Samuel (3)

‘The Lord your God was your king.’ 1 Samuel 12:12 NKJV Difference three: motives. Samson repeatedly dishonoured the Lord by his actions and his lifestyle. That’s because he had no regard for God’s honour. What a contrast Samuel was! When Israel wanted a king in order to be like all the surrounding nations, it broke …Read More

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Workship – Kara Martin

How to Use Your Work to Worship God Our work, business, or career might actually be something intended by God. Kara Martin thinks so and she’s written a book about it ‘Workship, how to use your work to worship God’. In fact, the book was so good, it was shortlisted in the 2017 Australian Christian …Read More

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Cycling Boss Wants Armstrong to Stay Away

New world cycling boss David Lappartient wants Lance Armstrong to stay away from the sport completely, saying he does not trust him.

Church Cancellations Amid Cholera Epidemic

Church services in the capital of Zambia have been cancelled while the African nation fights an epidemic of cholera.

Bit of a Struggle for Melbourne Victory

In the A-League Melbourne Victory head coach believes his team could have scored more goals in their match against the Wanderers.

Top Swimmers Campaign for Water Safety

Some of the nation’s top swimmers will be participating in a campaign which encourages Australians to celebrate their love of the water.

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‘‘We’re Taking Back the Rainbow!’ – Ken Ham

“The LGBTQ movement started using a rainbow flag in 1978. But God gave meaning to the rainbow 4,300 years ago. We read about it in Genesis 9 where He said, ‘When you see the rainbow it’s a reminder of the covenant between God and man and God and the animals that God will never again judge with a global flood,” Ken paraphrased.

Retirement Crisis Battle For Men – Ken O’Rourke

The older you get the better it gets? Yes. Ken O’Rourke definitely hopes so. But there’s a problem. Many men don’t and seriously, it does need to get better. It’s reported the suicide rate for men between 55 and 65 has gone up by 50 percent in the last ten years. “In addition the highest …Read More

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