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Celebrating National Families Week

Our neighbourhoods are built on the strength of our families, and having a mother and father who are actively involved in their children's lives is supported by both secular and Christian research.

Political Agenda Update – ACL

With the country focused on the upcoming federal election, the ACL has been highlighting MP’s who crossed the floor on the Religious Discrimination Bill. ACL wants people to vote for individuals, not party lines. 

Read the Bible in a Year

Available as both a printable or digital resource.

Vision News Stories

Mass Shooting Victims Mourned

“We are saddened. We are hurt. We are just devastated, distraught, but we are powerful people who trust in God and we will pray for added strength."

Hostages To Masters Graduates

Lydia plans to become a human rights lawyer, while Joy hopes to start a community support agency for the Chibok people.

NSW Assisted Dying Bill Votes

Archbishop of Sydney describes it as a ‘kill bill’ which divides the state into those who lives are protected and those whose deaths are facilitated.

Hong Kong Arrests Cardinal Zen

The Vatican voices its concern and is following developments "with extreme attention”.

‘Heroes’ Hogtie Church Shooter

Pastor and parishioners tackled gunman and hog-tied him in an act of “exceptional heroism and bravery that probably saved many more lives.”

An Innovative Way to Spread the Gospel

The scarves feature artwork telling Biblical messages.

Canaanite Idol Uncovered In Gaza

Discovery of 4500-year-old artefact from ancient tribe that God ordered the Israelites to drive out of the Promised Land.

EU Targets Russian Church Leader

Sanctions considered against Patriarch Kirill of Moscow who's the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and a strong supporter of President Putin.
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