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The US Embassy Move to Jerusalem – Kameel Majdali

Why all the fuss? Kameel Majdali happened to be leading another of his regular tours through Israel at the time of US President Donald Trump’s announcement in December 2017 of the decision to move the US Embassy  to Jerusalem. The controversial decision caused tumult around the globe riding on a growing wave of anti-Semitism. Kameel …Read More

A New Spirit – Jacob Damkani

The Jesus movie that’s impacted Israel  A faith-based film glorifying Jesus the Messiah has premiered in theatres across Israel. ‘A New Spirit’ – based on the life of Israeli Messianic leader and evangelist Jacob Damkani. Jacob was once a local gangster from a poverty-stricken town in Israel who fled to the US where he became a …Read More

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Strengthen Your Faith (2)

‘Just take your positions and watch the Lord rescue you from your enemy.’ 2 Chronicles 20:17 CEV When you doubt God, you disappoint Him—because He deserves better. So, you must seek to strengthen your faith, because faith honours God and God honours faith. And He will send opportunities disguised as problems designed to strengthen your …Read More

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How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage

‘(Affairs) are quite common these days among Christian couples’ “You’re comparing a family life with your wife and children, going to work, paying the bills and taking the garbage out, against meeting someone in secret, having a sexual intense experience, and then going home. That’s not real life.” “When you look at affairs many times …Read More

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Calls for a Smooth Change of Leadership

Acting Nationals Leader Bridget McKenzie wants a smooth change of leadership when her party meets on Monday and for the coalition agreement with the Liberals to remain in place.

30 Day Ceasefire approved in Syria

The United Nations Security Council has approved a 30-day ceasefire in Syria, following increased violence in the war torn country.

Sydney Beaches Re-Open

Swimmers at a Sydney beach where a woman was bitten by a shark shouldn’t have reservations about venturing back into the water when it re-opens on Sunday, experts say.

Calls for the Nationals to ‘Unshackle Themselves’

The Nationals need to be unshackled and split from an “aimless” Liberal Party if it is to be reinvented under new leadership, outspoken Queensland MP George Christensen says.

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God and Natural disasters – Bill Salier

‘A lot of these disasters are wake up calls’ How can God be good and loving God and allow disasters to happen if He’s in total control? “A lot of these natural disasters are wake up calls to a world that thinks it’s in control and God is saying, ‘No, you’re not in control.” “The …Read More

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