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Learning To Lead (2)

‘I have great confidence in you.’
 2 Corinthians 7:4 NIV When people feel ‘used’ they begin to drop out, but when they feel appreciated they’ll follow you anywhere. Paul, one of the finest leaders of all time, told the Corinthian believers, ‘I have great confidence in you; I take great pride in you. I am …Read More

The Class President Political Debate

It’s Robbo and Matt Prater head to head as they face off over who should be elected the Vision Radio Class President. The Australian Christian Lobby’s Wendy Francis is the referee.

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Report Reveals Persecution in China

A report has been smuggled out of China, revealing the magnitude and intensity of religious persecution that continues in the communist country.

General Strike in Catalonia

A general strike called by pro-independence campaigners in Catalonia has closed shops and severed transport links.

Optus Join Telstra in NBN Refunds

Optus customers join those from Telstra not getting promised NBN speeds who could be in line for refunds.

Senator Brushes Off Racist Attack

Senator Sam Dastyari is shrugging off an incident where he was confronted by far-right activists

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Words Create Popular Culture – Belinda Pollard

Inspiration for Christians to raise the level of Christian writing. “Popular culture’s tendency is to portray Christians as either fools or serial killers.” But that’s not true. And did you know that Jesus used fiction to reach people with the truth? “We’re flawed, we’re fascinating, we think deeply about lots of things. We’re creative, we’re …Read More

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