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Pina from Waterford

Pina from Waterford in WA is only new to Vision Radio but says it already means so much to her. “I’ve only come to know the station in the last month or so,” Pina said before telling her story that began when she and her husband were on holiday in Sydney in 2015. “What was …Read More

The Rewards of Generosity

‘Be generous, and someday you will be rewarded.’ Ecclesiastes 11:1 CEV The Dead Sea has such high mineral concentrations that even non-swimmers can stay afloat in it. The only problem is the smell. Because it has no outlets, any fresh water that comes in quickly becomes contaminated. There’s an important Biblical principle at work here: …Read More

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Religious Leaders Show Solidarity on Terrorism

The Anglican Bishop of Egypt has called on the international community to step up the war on terrorists.

Kwaussie Word of the Year

Barnaby Joyce’s dual citizenship debacle has helped inspire the choice of Kwaussie as Australia’s official word of the year.

Catholic School Workers to Strike

Thousands of Catholic school teachers and support staff from about 350 schools across NSW and the ACT will stop work for four hours from 8.30am on Monday in the latest round of industrial action.

Top Restaurant Owns Up

One of Melbourne’s most high-profile restaurants has paid a former bartender almost $10,000 after she took the owners to court for underpaying her.

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Creation, Medicinal Cannabis And Schizophrenia – Dr Don Batten

Dr Don Batten is the CEO of Creation Ministries International. But more importantly for this topic on Vision Radio recently, Don worked for 20 years as a research horticulturalist with the NSW Department of Agriculture. The overriding question arising from plant-derived drugs from a spiritual perspective is to know why God would have created plants …Read More

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