Euthanasia - The Arguments

As the State Government of Victoria considers introducing legislation that would allow assisted dying - or euthanasia - we look at some of the arguments surrounding this controversial issue. The majority of Christians say euthanasia is morally wrong - but there are some who say it is the right thing to do.

Cory Bernardi and the Australian Conservatives Party

“Senator Cory Bernardi has a hard road to hoe,” Dr Steve Chavura said. The Macquarie University political historian believes Senator Bernardi is out of step with the other conservative cross-bench senators. The comments follow Senator Cory Bernardi’s recent decision to quit the Liberal Party and is now sitting on the Senate crossbench under the banner of his new Australian Conservatives party.

‘There Is A War Going On’ – Dr Kameel Majdali

The First Ten Days of the Trump Presidency
“I don’t know if Donald Trump even sleeps. He has just been the proverbial whirlwind or hurricane. It’s a very, very energetic administration.”
“It appears that Donald Trump is determined to fulfill all his campaign promises, yesterday! The amount of activity has been enormous. The lack of a honeymoon period is also notable.”

The Bible Down Under

“What really grabs me about Australian history is that it’s all about people. It extends the range of people that we might get to know, or whose perspective of the world we might try and understand.” So said author and historian Meredith Lake when she introduced her new book to Vision radio listeners recently. Meredith’s book ‘The Bible Down Under’ has been described as 'a story that needed to be written – a story that hasn’t been heard in our normal educational experience’.

Ancient Paths and the Lost Culture of Blessings – Craig Hill

Pastor Craig Hill has delivered an ‘ancient paths’ message – and the key to that missing ‘ancient path’ is the impartation of generational blessing. “Fathers, mothers, you hold a key in your hand to open a door for your children.”...

'Will America Be Great Again?' - Bill Meuhlenberg and Kameel Majdali

“It’s bizarre, unusual, crazy!’  ‘We could end up with a bloody French-style revolution!’ These statements are better suited to describe a Hollywood superhero movie wouldn’t you think?...

The South Australia Euthanasia Bill Alert – Ros Phillips

South Australia MP Steph Key has introduced a bill to state parliament that if passed into law, would permit voluntary euthanasia. The bill also has provision for terminal patients to be given a prescription for a lethal drug to take at home for use at some future time.

Busting the 'Me Myself And I' Retirement Myth - Paul Arnott

Paul Arnott from Christian Ministry Advancement has told Vision Radio about an initiative called Q4 Connection. Paul, who’s the Executive Director for Special Projects said anyone who’s 60 years and over is in the fourth quarter of their lifespan and possibly ripe for advancing the Gospel throughout their retirement years.

Loving Your Spouse the ‘SmartLoving’ Way

Francine Perola was a recent guest on Vision Radio’s 20Twenty program with Neil Johnson. Francine and her husband Byron are directors of the Marriage Resource Centre and are recognised leaders in marriage education.

Two of Australia’s Faithful Warriors to Retire

They're two well known heroes of the Christian faith in Australia who’ve faced all sorts of criticism in their public stand for righteousness. For over 40 years Dr David and Roslyn Phillips have led an unremitting, relentless struggle against social and spiritual erosion in our society and it’s cost them dearly.

Meet the real Indiana Jones - Bible Archaeologist Bob Cornuke

A name that can stir up controversy in archaeological circles is Bob Cornuke. Bob is a biblical archaeologist who’s been tagged as the real ‘Indiana Jones’ as a result of his many exploits and adventures searching for ancient biblical sites. It was only recently that Bob told Vision Radio about how he has spent a lifetime identifying sites where major biblical events have either occurred or are expected to occur in the future.

Pornography – ‘the Greatest Cancer In the Church Today’ Jack Sonneman

A conference was held in the US recently in an attempt to find ways to stop the tidal wave of pornography sweeping the globe. Jack Sonneman from the Australian Federation for the Family attended the conference titled the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation and told 20Twenty host Neil Johnson that it was more than just a talkfest.

"The Church Strikes Back!" The War to Save Marriage and Families

Where do we go from here? Christians seem to have been abandoned by many of our political parties. In today's PERSPECTIVES article, Senator Eric Abetz explains why his traditional stance is important for Australia's future.

Succeed in business the Christian way

Business coach Wez Hone says it's vital for Christians to be involved in business, putting their faith into practical action in our economy. He says in his experience it’s been the "Godly bits" that have stood the test of time and the rest just comes and goes.

The Church's "Young People" crisis

Every year, 50,000 young Australians leave the Church (2013 figures). It's a massive challenge to our church leaders, and to our families. Scripture Union's Terry Williams says we’ve copied a lot of what the world has been doing at the cost of true discipling and it’s not resulting in life-long followers of Jesus.

Saving Syria's Christian Community

The headlines from Syria get grimmer by the day - but the outlook for Syria's Christians appears, if possible, even grimmer.  What's the West doing to help one of Christianity's oldest communities? Well, very little, according to international Religious Liberty expert Elizabeth Kendal, who's been talking to 20Twenty's Neil Johnson

India And Australia – A Tale of Two Cultures

Bible teacher Berni Dymet is just back from India, where he visits regularly to meet with his team there. He says India's culture is completely different to ours, and confronting in many ways. He tells Neil Johnson we have a lot to learn about ourselves and our relationship with God by the way we interact with a different culture.

'Faith For Healing – It’s Contagious!' Evangelist Carl Butler

Carl Butler from Fan the Flame Ministries has traveled far and wide. He's been to more than 40 countries over the past 25 years. Carl’s eager to see men and women saved and healed, freed and filled with the Holy Ghost, churches impacting their communities and God being glorified.

‘Hacksaw Ridge’ - Connecting Movies to Christ's Commandments

Movie reviewer Russell Matthews from City Bible Forum and Insights magazine goes to a lot of movies. In fact, far more than the average movie-goer. So you’d think he’d be suffering from some sort of side effect. (Imagine overdosing on horror movies and possibly seeing a mob of hungry zombies busting into your bedroom in the middle of the night!)

If the whole world were saved...

If our prayers were answered and the whole world was saved, what would God want us to do the next day? Dr Ryan Messmore poses this question to challenge us about our priorities, what we decide is secular, and what we think is sacred.

The danger of "Safe Schools"

Many parents are concerned about the "Safe Schools" programme, and NSW Liberal MP Damien Tudehope says it's much more than just an anti-bullying initiative. In today's PERSPECTIVES article, he explains why he's been campaigning against it - and what the implications are for families. 

Steve Grace - Crossing Australia

Singer Steve Grace has completed his amazing task of crossing the breadth of Australia from west to east to raise money to combat suicide. Vision's followed him all the way - and today's PERSPECTIVES article looks back at a mission that ended in Byron Bay on Sunday.

The Church must speak out

Lyle Mercer, a PR expert, says the Church has been backward about coming forward as society grapples with issues such as same-sex marriage, the Safe School programme, and many other contentious areas. Why are Christians reluctant to make their voice heard?  Is it a case of lack of opportunity? Or fear of the consequences?  Lyle says the Church needs to make its voice heard

Don't let debt be your master

In the modern world it's easy to get into debt - and much, much harder to get out. Alex Cook from Wealth with Purpose want to help Christians honour God with their finances. He says it’s important for us to challenge society’s views on debt, and to see it from a Christian point of view.

The Future of Mission

Jesus told us to go out and share the gospel with a lost world - but the way that happens is changing and will continue to change. Jameson Titus says the days when a western missionary would arrive in a developing country to bring the Good News of Christ are ending - and today, in many places, it's a very different story

Ken Ham's full-size Noah's Ark

Former Aussie science teacher Ken Ham's dream was to build a full-size replica of Noah's Ark, to show Christians and non-Christians alike what it would have been like.  The Ark was completed and is now open in the US State of Kentucky, and Ken's been talking to 20Twenty's Neil Johnson about how it's already affecting the lives of visitors - and his exciting plans for the future.

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