with Neil Johnson


with Neil Johnson

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There's plenty of talk on radio, but with 20Twenty you'll find Life, Culture & Current events from a Biblical perspective.Interviews, stories and insight you definitely won't hear in the mainstream media.

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Neil is the host of 20Twenty - Vision Christian Radio's "Life, Culture and Current Events" program heard weekdays. He is an ordained Christian Minister of 25 years. Neil is married with four beautiful daughters, and finds great enjoyment in celebrating family milestones. An armchair sports-fan of State of Origin football in the winter and Cricket in the summer. He's a self confessed 'news junkie', and a reader of 'worldview building' Christian books. Neil is passionate about Christian media, Christian schools, and 'connecting faith to life' through serving God in his role at Vision.

You may have missed...

Every day, Neil talks to fascinating guests with great insights and great stories to tell. Read about some of them below.

The Karen and ‘The World’s Longest War’ – Pastor Timothy Laklem

“I almost gave up. I’d build the churches, the schools, the orphanages, and one week later the Burmese soldiers would come and burn them down. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘I will let you go into the root of the problem and let you speak up’.” “For 69 years, they have been …Read More

The Church the Hope of the World – Bill Newman

Bill Newman, arguably Australia’s best known and most loved evangelist, has returned from India where he was part of the Billy Graham team. Bill was invited to speak at a crusade in Nellore north of Chennai in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Bill said he was working with Robert Cunville, a veteran associate evangelist on …Read More

Radio ‘The Gospel Voice For Mongolia’ – Batjargal (Bat) Tuvshintsengel

FEBC is a Christian radio network reaching many countries across the world including Mongolia in north east Asia. It’s reported there were only a handful of Christians in this somewhat isolated and land-locked country just a decade ago. But largely due to the work of FEBC via radio and the internet, that handful of just …Read More



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