with Neil Johnson


with Neil Johnson

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There's plenty of talk on radio, but with 20Twenty you'll find Life, Culture & Current events from a Biblical perspective.Interviews, stories and insight you definitely won't hear in the mainstream media.

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Neil is the host of 20Twenty - Vision Christian Radio's "Life, Culture and Current Events" program heard weekdays. He is an ordained Christian Minister of 25 years. Neil is married with four beautiful daughters, and finds great enjoyment in celebrating family milestones. An armchair sports-fan of State of Origin football in the winter and Cricket in the summer. He's a self confessed 'news junkie', and a reader of 'worldview building' Christian books. Neil is passionate about Christian media, Christian schools, and 'connecting faith to life' through serving God in his role at Vision.

You may have missed...

Every day, Neil talks to fascinating guests with great insights and great stories to tell. Read about some of them below.

Queensland State Election 2017 –  Who to vote for?

What about social, ethical and moral issues? The Queensland state election this weekend will be a test for the two major parties. Should either Labor or the LNP fail to attain the necessary 47 seats to govern the Sunshine State in their own right, either party, depending on the number of seats in their favour, …Read More

Eternity – ‘The Story of Arthur Stace’  Elizabeth Meyers

An unlikely Australian icon “He was the cleaner and caretaker of the church.” “What made me respect Arthur was his humility,” Elizabeth recalled. “He was a very humble man. He was extremely shy and he didn’t push himself forward in any way.” Elizabeth Meyers, whose parents were close friends of Arthur Stace, co-authored the biography …Read More

Abortion Reddens White Ribbon Day – Robyn Grace

White Ribbon Australia want abortion decriminalised “A lot of the women who have gone to the abortion clinic that I have witnessed, I would say a good 90 percent do not want to have an abortion to kill their child.” Before: ‘I’m a White Ribbon ambassador.’ After: ‘I am no longer a White Ribbon ambassador.’ …Read More



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