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There's plenty of talk on radio, but with 20Twenty you'll find Life, Culture & Current events from a Biblical perspective.Interviews, stories and insight you definitely won't hear in the mainstream media.

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Neil is the host of 20Twenty - Vision Christian Radio's "Life, Culture and Current Events" program heard weekdays. He is an ordained Christian Minister of 25 years. Neil is married with four beautiful daughters, and finds great enjoyment in celebrating family milestones. An armchair sports-fan of State of Origin football in the winter and Cricket in the summer. He's a self confessed 'news junkie', and a reader of 'worldview building' Christian books. Neil is passionate about Christian media, Christian schools, and 'connecting faith to life' through serving God in his role at Vision.

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Every day, Neil talks to fascinating guests with great insights and great stories to tell. Read about some of them below.

Tips for Taking your Church Online

Churches are going online as the world locks down, and though the change is a learning curve, Dave Cairns believes it also presents opportunities.

Could Covid-19 Cause an Abortion Boom?

Some experts say Covid-19 will cause a new baby boom, but Graham Preston of Protect Life says it could also lead to a rise in abortion rates.

Coronavirus Causing Humanitarian Crisis in India

India has gone into Covid-19 lockdown and people are being beaten by Police for leaving their homes to get water, food and even just going to the toilet.

Reflecting Christ When Letting Staff Go During the Coronavirus

This week Darren Laudenbach had to let forty of his restaurant staff go, but he shares how he did it in a loving and practical way so they’ll want to come back when the business reopens.

Viral Effect of the Gospel to Women in Community Groups

An incredible example of how the Gospel is going viral in African communities and the power to change a whole nation when just one life is transformed by Christ.

Loving Your Neighbour During the Pandemic

There are many innovative ways to love your neighbour and share the Gospel during Australia’s lockdown.

Martyn Iles: Life in Self-Quarantine

Martyn shares what life is really like locked up an a 1 bedroom apartment with no backyard for two weeks.

Freeing Prisoners with the Gospel

When we think of a prison, many of us think of the lowest place in society. But chaplain Terry Eyles knows it’s a mission field, and inmates are hungry for the Gospel.

Social Isolation Worse Than Coronavirus?

Elderly and those most vulnerable to Coronavirus may be facing months of isolation, which could have worse effects than the virus itself.

The Endurance All Men Need

Endurance isn’t just a physical challenge. It’s also a spiritual one.

The Transgender Revolution that Threatens Our Freedom

Terri Keleher warns that the current debate around religious freedoms is actually part of a larger cultural revolution.

Is Your Church Prepared for Coronavirus?

Large gatherings of groups are being discouraged to help stop spread Coronavirus, so what will this mean for your local church?

How Did the Early Church Use its Money?

Is money a way to serve God, or the root of every kind of evil? To find the answers, we have to go back to the very roots of the Church.

Why the Media is Ignoring the Crisis in Syria

While everyone is focused on Coronavirus, the situation in Syria is growing ever worse, with Turkey having closed its borders to more than 4 million refugees.

20Twenty Live in Batemans Bay & Canberra

This week Neil is taking 20Twenty on the road to see the work Samaritan’s Purse is doing in one of the hardest hit bushfire regions.



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