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About the show

The future belongs to those who are aware... and prepare.

Explore true foundational values through the prism of faith with Neil Johnson and Kameel Majdali as they consider about how to survive and succeed in the coming days. Following precepts from Proverbs, they encourage us in preparing our hearts and tackle profound and sometimes controversial topics that, in our busyness, we have no time to look at in depth.

Latest Posts

Understanding the Times We Live In – Kameel Majdali and Bill Muehlenberg

“There is a God in heaven, He does hold the nations in His hand, He does have plans not only for His Kingdom but even for you as an individual.” Dr Kameel Majdali.

President Donald Trump’s First Year – Kameel Majdali

‘178 accomplishments in 384 days’   “God uses all kinds of flawed people for His purposes. After all this is a God who used Samson, and the God who used Rahab, and this is the God who used the bully Saul of Tarsus.” “People seem to find Scriptures related to America. I frankly have not …Read More

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