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About the show

For decades Focus on the Family has been at the forefront of helping families and relationships thrive.

By focusing on real life issues they have become known as a trusted source for practical help - and they're only as far away as your radio! Programmes tackle the challenging issues of raising kids, marriage & relationships, good health, drugs, pornography, depression, bullying, teenage sexuality and much more head on.

Thousands of listeners have told us they find regular encouragement and practical advice in Focus on the Family.

Podcasts & Articles

What to do When Tragedy Strikes Your Family

Everyone faces “why God?” moments in life — painful, difficult circumstances that you don’t expect.

If You Want a Great Marriage, Do This…

Great marriages don’t happen by accident and it’s often the little things that matter most.

What is Radical Salvation?

Salvation is more than just punching your ticket to Heaven.

Relishing the Christmas Season

You may dread the hustle and bustle of the holiday season…but you can find hope, love, joy, and peace in the midst of the craziness!

A Story of God’s Amazing, Unconditional Love

Kelly was a suicidal teenager, then an abused wife with two little kids. God had His hand of protection over her life, even before she knew Him.

A Mother’s Story of Loss and Redemption

Lindsey Dennis experienced the heartbreak of losing a child twice, with two children passing hours after they were born.

Hope for Families with Prodigals

Bill Putman and his prodigal son Jim, share their experience and the valuable spiritual lessons God taught them about unconditional love and accountability.

Imagine Being Told You Will Never Walk Again

At just 17 years old, Eva Self was involved in a serious car accident that left her paralysed. She shares her journey of questioning God to ultimately finding hope and His purpose.

Saying the Right Thing When Your Child Misbehaves

Is it really possible to respond Biblically when your child acts out and tests your patience?

Valuing Marriage When Our Culture Doesn’t

Our society says marriage isn’t worth the effort, and you’ll probably end up divorced. Lamar and Ronnie Tyler decided to get married anyway.

Raising Godly Children in Today’s Culture

In today’s culture with so many external influences in your child’s life, raising your children to walk with Christ is easier said than done.

Restoring Your Marriage After Infidelity

Few things are more hurtful than discovering a spouse’s infidelity, but God can bring hope out of the ashes.

Embracing a Healthy Life as a Single

Our culture often says there is something wrong with being single, but that’s simply not true. In this Focus on the Family podcast learn about being complete in Christ.

How to Manage Anger in Motherhood

A reminder that God is always with you in the midst of motherhood. Even when your children disobey, whine, or complain; you’ll learn how you can better cope with exhaustion, noise, and a disorganised home.

Thriving in Your Role as a Dad

Rob Stennett will tell you that he’s not the perfect dad, but he’s trying his best for his four daughters.

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