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About the show

For decades Focus on the Family has been at the forefront of helping families and relationships thrive.

By focusing on real life issues they have become known as a trusted source for practical help - and they're only as far away as your radio! Programmes tackle the challenging issues of raising kids, marriage & relationships, good health, drugs, pornography, depression, bullying, teenage sexuality and much more head on.

Thousands of listeners have told us they find regular encouragement and practical advice in Focus on the Family.

Podcasts & Articles

Living in Peace with People Who Drive You Crazy

You may wish you could avoid the “difficult people” in your life — but what if God wants to transform your heart through those relationships?

Discovering Your Child’s Learning Style – Focus On The Family

Auditory, visual, kinaesthetic—what is your child’s learning style? How you can use their uniqueness to excel academically.

The Best Sex For Life – Focus On The Family – Adults Only

A Christian sexologist shares her passion to bring good holistic sexual health to married couples through practical sex education, sex research and sex therapy.

Seven Strategies to Combat Teen Porn Use

Pornography is pervasive, and can quickly become an addiction. Here are seven things you can do to help your teen either not access pornography or begin turning away from needing to access it.

The Value of Mentoring Fatherless Boys

The stats against children who grow up in fatherless homes is staggering. Hear the powerful story of a group of Dads who started a mentoring program for fatherless boys.

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