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About the show

Most Christians have a desire to know and understand the Bible better, but what if their study and research only provides you with half the information you need?

'Foundations' is about filling in the gaps with the information most people miss or are unaware of. The truth is that over time words, definitions and culture changes in dramatic ways and applying present day understanding and meanings to words, phrases and events, can lead to very different conclusions. By learning about the Jewish and Hebrew culture that the Bible was set in and the environment, traditions and understandings of the people whom God chose to write down His Word, we can gain a bigger, deeper and richer understanding of God's Word that we love so much.

You can tune in at 1:10pm and 10:45pm every Monday to Friday.

Also available on podcast and the notes will also be online as well.

Get to know Mandy

Most important to Mandy is her husband Ian of almost 34yrs, her 3 gorgeous sons, 2 beautiful daughters-in-law, 2 precious grandchildren, her spotty Dalmatian and her 8 feathered friends.

Mandy's been involved in Christian media since 1993 at Rhema FM in Port Macquarie, NSW and at Vision since 2000, where she is currently the evening host of Night Vision.

Mandy has a deep love for the Bible, the nation and people of Israel and particularly a love for the Word of God. One of her greatest joys is co-leading biannual Biblical tours to Israel with Ian.

Mandy's deep love for the Word of God and for Israel come together in her personal desire to encourage other believers to explore and appreciate the Jewish roots of their Christian faith and to develop a love for God's Word, His land and His people.

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Mandy's Foundations Blog

Rain Pt 1

The phrase, “Mashiv Ha’Ruach u’morid hagashem” is a praise included in the daily prayers of observant Jews, it’s a praise to God who controls both the wind and the rain, it’s a prayer that God will cause the wind to blow and the rain to fall and in particular, that it will fall after the …Read More

Menorah Pt 2

We started to learn about the significance of the Menorah, the seven branched candlestick that God said had to be made as one of the items of furniture in the Tabernacle. We learned that God called His Jewish people to be a light to the nations and that Jesus called His followers to also be …Read More

Menorah Pt 1

Probably more than any other symbol, the Menorah is the most notable and the most obviously Jewish. The Star of David ranks right up there now, but for millennia, long before the Star of David was adopted, the Menorah was the primary symbol of the Jewish national people. There are others to be sure, symbols …Read More

Colouring Inside The Lines

Exodus 20:17, ‘You shall not covet your neighbours house; you shall not covet your neighbours wife or his male servant or his female servant or his ox or his donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbour.’ What is it about coveting that makes it so heinous? This answer from the Gospel Coalition explains the …Read More

Original Sin…Christian or Jewish?

What is the doctrine of original sin? Basically, it’s the understanding that God created His human creations perfect and without sin. Then, Eve was tempted by Satan to eat the fruit from a particular tree that God had said was strictly forbidden and once she ate it, she encouraged her husband Adam to also eat …Read More

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