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Our world is driven by news. In fact, entire networks are now devoted to pumping out the latest stories 24 hours a day! While keeping up with the latest news is important, at Vision radio we take a slightly different tack. We believe in selecting appropriate stories that are filtered through the Christian worldview — that means leaving some stuff out and adding other stories (that you won't find on mainstream news) in.

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The News Team at Vision are dedicated to giving you balanced news you can trust.

We provide Australia's only nationwide Christian worldview news service. Heard hourly each weekday plus Saturday mornings.

Since 2001, Vision's news team have gained a reputation for being a trusted source of information — a place you can get the facts without sensationalism or gruesome details found in many other services.

It’s all the news that matters - yet is safe for every member of the family to listen to. Our team of industry experienced professionals draws on years with ABC, commercial and community broadcasters, and they’re passionate about news!

Latest news

Damaged Church To Re-open

St Mark’s Anglican Church in Picton, New South Wales will reopen tomorrow after it was devastated by storm water during the June floods last year. The Picton church will host a celebration event to mark the completion of stage one repairs. The re-opening service will start at 9:30am followed by a barbecue lunch, history tour …Read More

Opponents To Assisted Dying To Lobby

Opponents to assisted dying laws in Victoria are planning to lobby MPs ahead of a conscience vote. A ministerial advisory panel has made 66 recommendations to safeguard law change. AMA Victoria President Dr Lorraine Baker is among those opposed – she says doctors must also have a choice. Dr Baker says doctors should not be …Read More

Divide Between the Rich and Poor Widening

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has declared he’s prepared to reach into the “too-hard basket” on tax reform, to address rising inequality The Opposition leader used an address in Melbourne to call for a re-think of subsidies and tax increases, previously considered too difficult He says the divide between rich and poor is widening. Mr Shorten says the …Read More

Pastor Memorizes Isaiah

To preach verse-by-verse through Isaiah – from 2008 until February of this year – Pastor Andy Davis memorized all of the book’s 1,292 verses. It’s a discipline he developed while working as a mechanical engineer for several years after becoming a Christian. The US Baptist pastor’s sermons have been described as “carefully reasoned presentations of …Read More

Measles Outbreak In Melbourne

People who visited parts of the Melbourne CBD and Brighton last week, are being urged to look out for symptoms of the measles. Health authorities have confirmed an infected tourist arrived on a flight from Indonesia and stayed at the Sofitel Hotel in Collins Street, from the 12th to the 15th. Deputy Chief Health Officer …Read More

Minister’s Plan To Fix Poverty

The Human Services Minister says hiking welfare payments, is not the way to fix poverty. Instead Alan Tudge has mapped out a five-pronged approach to help more than three million Australians who are living in poverty. He says a strong nation does need to have a good social security safety net  but it also has …Read More

Panel To Release Assisted Dying Recommendations

The Victorian Government is drafting legislation to legalise assisted dying for the terminally ill. A panel of independent medical experts have released their final report with more than 60 recommendations. It’s understood the lethal drugs will be stored in a locked box and only permanent Victorian residents and those 18 or over who are within …Read More

Fuel Prices Heading Down

Petrol prices at Sydney service stations could fall below a dollar a litre. The NRMA’s Peter Khoury is predicting an average of $1.07 a litre at the bottom of the cycle. This could and should translate to a number of independent service stations across Sydney falling to below a dollar, that’s been the national experience …Read More

Ancient Jugs Could Lead Researchers

Ten ancient jugs unearthed at the ancient Israel city of Shiloh could lead researchers to new discoveries about the Jewish tabernacle that existed there before the First Temple was built in Jerusalem. The jugs, only some of which were broken, date to the time when the Jewish people first entered the land of Israel. The …Read More

Lausanne Movement Commemorates

The Lausanne Movement last month conducted a gathering of global mission leaders in Wittenberg, Germany, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. During the three-day event the leaders representing all regions of the world sought to hear from God regarding Lausanne’s vision to see the Gospel for every person and an evangelical church for …Read More



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