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Our world is driven by news. In fact, entire networks are now devoted to pumping out the latest stories 24 hours a day! While keeping up with the latest news is important, at Vision radio we take a slightly different tack. We believe in selecting appropriate stories that are filtered through the Christian worldview — that means leaving some stuff out and adding other stories (that you won't find on mainstream news) in.

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The News Team at Vision are dedicated to giving you balanced news you can trust.

We provide Australia's only nationwide Christian worldview news service. Heard hourly each weekday plus Saturday mornings.

Since 2001, Vision's news team have gained a reputation for being a trusted source of information — a place you can get the facts without sensationalism or gruesome details found in many other services.

It’s all the news that matters - yet is safe for every member of the family to listen to. Our team of industry experienced professionals draws on years with ABC, commercial and community broadcasters, and they’re passionate about news!

Latest news

Egyptian Christians praised by President

Christians in Egypt have been praised by the country’s president for demonstrating “wisdom and a spirit of patriotism” despite persecution and provocation in recent years. President Abdel Fattah al Sisi said Christians had remaining united in the face of those who “try to exploit religion as a means of fomenting division and spreading extremist ideas”. …Read More

A grim picture on Melbourne’s roads

In Melbourne there’s no such thing as peak hour anymore – its more like every hour. Infrastructure Victoria paints a grim picture -with the afternoon peak now stretching out to three and a quarter hours. In the morning its not much better. The report , obtained by the Herald Sun , also shows delays out …Read More

Concern over alarms in athletes’ building

Some of Australia’s athletes weren’t woken up despite a fire burning in their accommodation in Rio, because of silenced smoke alarms. Detectors were disabled just hours before a fire broke in the basement of the Australian building. But shooter Warren Potent was asleep, and his phone was on silent, so he didn’t evacuate with the …Read More

Suspicious fires in Sydney

A house fire in Sydney’s south is being treated as suspicious. Fire investigators are yet to determine what sparked the blaze at the Peakhurst home, in the early hours of this morning. Fortunately, nobody was injured. Officers are also searching for a suspected arsonist, after six separate vehicles were set alight at Lake Macquarie. Sergeant …Read More

Sixteen die in US balloon disaster

Sixteen people have died after a hot air balloon struck power lines and burst into flames before plunging into a Texas field. The US Federal Aviation Administration said the crash, about 50km south of Austin, was one of the deadliest balloon accidents on record. A spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety has confirmed …Read More

More dramas at the athletes village in Rio

A fire has broken out at the Australian residence at the Olympic Games Village. It’s believed to have started in the basement or car park area of the building. Australian Olympic Committee spokesperson Mike Tancred says there was no damage, just a small fire, and some smoke filled up the stairwell.

The impact of the G20 Summit on churches in China

Unofficial churches in Hangzhou, China, are reportedly being shut-down during the G20 Summit ‘to create a safe environment for the meeting.’ World leaders are expected to attend the two-day event in China early September, but reports emerging from the country indicate religious worship is barred during and four days after the event According to The …Read More

Funding to boost Security in Churches following the Normandy attack

A security expert says keeping Christian places of worship safe in the aftermath of the Normandy attack will fall primarily to church wardens. Premier News reports the UK’s Metropolitan Police says they have circulated specific advice on how churches can protect themselves. Professor Anthony Glees says people should be alert but not hysterical. British Prime …Read More

Songs of Praise visits Boston in Lincolnshire to encourage the public to embrace refugees

Parishioners in the UK’s east coast town of Boston say they are “bewildered” and “overwhelmed” by the number of immigrants in their town as the BBC’s flagship “Songs of Praise” arrived to record a programme earlier this month. Christian Today reports host, Pam Rhodes presented Songs of Praise from the Lincolnshire town of Boston because …Read More

Fatal end to Brisbane siege

Emergency services remain on the scene in Brisbane’s south after a man barricaded himself in a home, armed with a gun. Two people inside the property managed to flee before he locked himself inside. The siege has now come to an end,with the gunman found dead.



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