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Our world is driven by news. In fact, entire networks are now devoted to pumping out the latest stories 24 hours a day! While keeping up with the latest news is important, at Vision radio we take a slightly different tack. We believe in selecting appropriate stories that are filtered through the Christian worldview — that means leaving some stuff out and adding other stories (that you won't find on mainstream news) in.

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The News Team at Vision are dedicated to giving you balanced news you can trust.

We provide Australia's only nationwide Christian worldview news service. Heard hourly each weekday plus Saturday mornings.

Since 2001, Vision's news team have gained a reputation for being a trusted source of information — a place you can get the facts without sensationalism or gruesome details found in many other services.

It’s all the news that matters - yet is safe for every member of the family to listen to. Our team of industry experienced professionals draws on years with ABC, commercial and community broadcasters, and they’re passionate about news!

Latest news

Italians Protest Against Abortion & Euthanasia

Thousands of Italians turned out on streets last week to march against abortion and euthanasia. Bishops and Cardinals of the Catholic Church joined priests, students and Christian organisations for the country’s annual March for Life. Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen encouraged the young people to embrace chastity – and for pro-lifers to be “unashamed of Jesus”. …Read More

Saint’s Relics – An Historic Breakthrough

The relics of Saint Nicholas are being viewed by thousands of Russian Orthodox Christians in Moscow in an historic breakthrough in Orthodox-Catholic relations. For Russian Orthodox Christians – the saint is behind much of the Christmas tradition and is a celebrated figure. Many churches and Russians have taken the name of the 4th century Greek …Read More

PM Trusts US Over Security

The Prime Minister says he trusts the United States with our intelligence material, following leaks about the Manchester bombing. The UK has stopped passing information to American authorities after sensitive details were released. It’s understood the suspension has now been lifted after receiving assurances from the US. MALCOLM TURNBULL says the leaks were regrettable, but …Read More

Major Sporting Arenas Assess Security

Big Brother style CCTV cameras – enabling authorities to also make announcements – are set to be rolled out across the city. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle says the system would help direct people to emergency relief centres like the MCG – which has this morning been the centre of an emergency drill for a week-long …Read More

Kiwis & Polynesians Undergo Training In Tonga

A group of young leaders from the Anglican Church in New Zealand and Polynesia are undergoing training in Tonga to help their communities adapt to climate change. After a number of devastating cyclones in the Pacific, the General Synod passed a resolution calling on the Anglican Missions Board to develop a strategy that would strengthen …Read More

Former Indonesian Governor Withdraws Appeal

Jakarta’s former governor, imprisoned for blasphemy has withdrawn an appeal against his sentence. The former governor better known as “Ahok,” was leading opinion polls when his political opponents accused him of using his alleged anti-Islam beliefs to stir the tide against them. He was sentenced to two years in jail with a non-parole period of …Read More

Facebook Prepares New Guidelines

Facebook is preparing new guidelines for the protection of people online – and Jesus is excluded from the list. The Guardian has gained access to leaked documents branded ‘The Facebook Files’ revealing concerns by the social media’s moderators. The documents included over 100 training manuals that gave unique insight into how Facebook regulates issues such …Read More

Concerns For Missing Pair in Victoria

An air and land search has resumed in north-east Victoria for an elderly woman and her daughter, who has a disability. Family, friends, and authorities hold grave fears for the welfare of 89-year-old Isabel Stephens and her 53-year-old daughter Judy. The pair were last seen at Tatong Tavern on Sunday. Inspector Hayden Downes says the …Read More

Garden Hut Come Cathedral

A garden hut converted into a cathedral has been short-listed as the Shed of the Year. Fr Julian Kent from Portsmouth used the garden hut for private worship but decided to convert it – not expecting to have a congregation. The space, which has a bishop’s throne and organ is thought to be the smallest …Read More

Soldiers Take to British Streets

Hundreds of soldiers have been deployed onto the streets of London, after the terror threat level was raised while the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace was cancelled to free up officers. Around 1,000 heavily-armed military personnel from the Royal Artillery, Paratroop and Irish Guards regiments are outside the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace …Read More



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