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About the show

Remember all those times you've thought, 'There's nothing on tv'? Wouldn't you have loved to get some great Christian teaching at that time?

You can!

Night Vision gives you the opportunity to hear some of the world’s best Christian teachers.

  • Serious about your Christian faith?
  • Interested in increasing your understanding of the Bible?
  • Want to be a better husband/wife?
  • Need a bit of parenting advice?
  • Wondering what the Bible says about today's news?

Then you won’t want to miss Night Vision. Each night you will hear a variety of different teachers each bringing their unique insight and wisdom. There's Focus on the Family, Berni Dymet with A Different Perspective, Chuck Missler with 66/40, Kameel Majdali with Faith & the Future and Michael Youssef with Leading the Way.

But just because it sounds serious doesn’t mean it isn’t fun too! After all, your host for the evening is our music director Mandy Worby and she promises to play you lots of great music!

Why not tune in this evening and find out for yourself how good Night Vision is?

Get to know Mandy

Most important to Mandy is her husband Ian of almost 34yrs, her 3 gorgeous sons, 2 beautiful daughters-in-law, 2 precious grandchildren, her spotty Dalmatian and her 8 feathered friends.

Mandy's been involved in Christian media since 1993 at Rhema FM in Port Macquarie, NSW and at Vision since 2000, where she is currently the evening host of Night Vision.

Mandy has a deep love for the Bible, the nation and people of Israel and particularly a love for the Word of God. One of her greatest joys is co-leading biannual Biblical tours to Israel with Ian.

Mandy's deep love for the Word of God and for Israel come together in her personal desire to encourage other believers to explore and appreciate the Jewish roots of their Christian faith and to develop a love for God's Word, His land and His people.



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Mandy's Bible Studies

Join Mandy Worby as she blogs on what she and her son, Steve, teach in their weekly "Home Group" show on Vision Christian Radio: That it’s not enough to just know what the Bible says. We need to know what it means so we can live it out in our daily lives.

Subscribe to Mandy’s weekly blog for practical Bible teaching with a strong emphasis on its Jewish and Hebrew meaning.

Home Group – Hanukkah: The Feast Of Dedication

  Each year, around the time we prepare to celebrate Christmas, our Jewish friends celebrate Hanukkah. It’s interesting that this particular Jewish festival is mentioned in the New Covenant in John 10 and it’s called the Feast of Dedication. Funnily enough, we’re about to celebrate Christmas which isn’t mentioned in the New Covenant anywhere, of …Read More

Home Group – Why Do Bond-slaves Have Their Ear Pierced?

Why Do Bond-slaves Have Their Ear Pierced? Last week while looking at the name of Adonai and the fact that it means Lord, Master and even Owner we had to cover the fact that we who know, love and worship God – Adonai – belong to Him: We are His Bond-slaves. Dealing with the issues of …Read More

Home Group – Adonai

The Names Of God: ADONAI Psalm 16:1-2, ‘”Preserve me, O God, for I take refuge in You.” I said to Yahweh, “You are my Adonai; my goodness is nothing apart from You.”‘ The Hebrew name Adonai is the plural form of the word ‘Adon’ which means ‘Lord,’ ‘Master’ or ‘Owner’ and the word Adon is derived …Read More

Home Group – Yahweh

The Names of GOD: YAHWEH The name Yahweh occurs more than 6,800 times in the Old Covenant, this name is referred to as the ‘personal’ name of the God of Israel. It appears in every book except for Esther, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs. This particular name – Yahweh – is known as the …Read More

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