Rise and Shine

with Robbo and Becci

Rise and Shine

with Robbo and Becci

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Latest Posts

‘Alien Intrusion’ (movie coming soon) – Gary Bates

(Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, is the only Creationist book ever to make the Amazon.com top 50 bestseller list) “The Christian sometimes subtly falls for the idea, why would God have made the universe so big if we’re the only ones here?” “The thing we need to realise is the concept of God creating …Read More

A Call for ‘Partners’ for African Pastors – Glenyce Gers

‘With Live Connection it’s not sponsoring, it’s partnering’ “He said, ‘God, why have I so much and these people have nothing?’ ‘It’s on these mission trips you get to meet some of them, and it just blows your mind!’ Glenyce Gers made these statements in a discussion with Rise and Shine’s Robbo and Becci recently. …Read More

The Case For Christ – Lee Strobel

“It sounds silly to some people but I was jealous of Jesus,” (Lee’s confession after his wife Leslie’s conversion.) “We’re already seeing in the States people coming to faith through the film.” (Lee and his biographical movie.) “There’s an avalanche of historical data…. the first source can be dated back to within months of the …Read More

From Drugs and Gangs to Victory Outreach and Jesus – Tony Romero

A 60 year transformation story of society’s throwaways “June 1 1997 I was released from jail into the Men’s Recovery Home in San Diego California. It was there God changed my life and I really felt the love of God,” Tony confessed, saying he was in jail for drug crimes. “This year I celebrate 20-years …Read More

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About the show

Just the right mix of great music, fun stuff and inspiration at breakfast!

Each weekday morning we fire up the studio with a whole lot of fun, some really interesting guests, useful 'real life' Biblical insight... plus positive music to get your day going in the right direction!


Robbo has worked for Vision Christian Media since Oct 2001 and for more than 10 of those years has been hosting Vision Radio's breakfast show. It's had a variety of names over the years (eg The Morning Stretch, The Journey, Rise & Shine) and a couple of different co-hosts, but through it all, Robbo just sticks around and doesn't look a day older than when he started! 😉

Whether behind the microphone or at a picnic in the park, Robbo enjoys connecting with people - and if you're a Nth QLD Cowboys fan, you're sure to become a lifelong friend! He's active in his local church, enjoys the occasional run and has an interest in politics. Robbo is the husband of one wife and father of two growing boys, all of whom enjoy camping and bike riding together.


Becci is truly international... she was born in the UK, raised in New Zealand, and has also lived in Canada and now here in Australia. A Pinterest-mum she is not, but Becci is always willing to give things a crack, and is not too embarrassed by the occasional FAIL. One of her favourite moments was accidentally supergluing googley eyes and pipecleaners to the dining table while making Christmas gifts. Oops.

When she's not hanging out in the studio for Rise and Shine, Becci loves spending time with her hubby, daughter and friends... and having random ideas like "Hey, maybe I should give this triathlon a go?!"



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