Rise and Shine

with Robbo and Friends

Rise and Shine

with Robbo and Friends

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5:30am - 9:30am (Winter)
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Latest Posts

The Jereton Bible Interpretation Method

Vision radio’s Robbo and Becci were all abuzz recently when Jereton Edwards made a live appearance on the Rise and Shine show.  The main purpose was for Jereton to explain why he has presented three ways of looking at covenants in his video. It was also to point out that no matter how you look …Read More

Christian Response to The Project Goes Viral

Jereton Edwards, 22 years old from Brisbane, made a Christian video response to Magda’s comments. Robbo and Becci interview him about going viral.

In The Palm of Your Hand – Allen Murray

“I’ve seen God’s Hand at work in a mighty way. God blessed me and showed me his undeniable power in jail. Incredible.” “I’ve listened to Vision for such a long period of time so it’s a joy to be here.” These were Allen Murray’s first words after hitting the studio occupied by Rise and Shine’s …Read More

Wives Need Respect Too! – Dave and Ashley Willis

Eight little things to show love and respect to your wife “One of the key roles of a husband or a wife is to be the biggest cheer leader of the other.” “To have Dave look at me when I’m in my pyjamas and him tell me I look beautiful, it means so much.” (LOL). …Read More

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The day Becci got injected

About the show

Just the right mix of great music, fun stuff and inspiration at breakfast!

Each weekday morning we fire up the studio with a whole lot of fun, some really interesting guests, useful 'real life' Biblical insight... plus positive music to get your day going in the right direction!

Robbo (Host)

Robbo has worked for Vision Christian Media since Oct 2001 and for more than 10 of those years has been hosting Vision Radio's breakfast show. It's had a variety of names over the years (eg The Morning Stretch, The Journey, Rise & Shine) and a couple of different co-hosts, but through it all, Robbo just sticks around and doesn't look a day older than when he started! 😉

Whether behind the microphone or at a picnic in the park, Robbo enjoys connecting with people - and if you're a Nth QLD Cowboys fan, you're sure to become a lifelong friend! He's active in his local church, enjoys the occasional run and has an interest in politics. Robbo is the husband of one wife and father of two growing boys, all of whom enjoy camping and bike riding together.

Becci (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Becci is truly international... she was born in the UK, raised in New Zealand, and has also lived in Canada and now here in Australia. A Pinterest-mum she is not, but Becci is always willing to give things a crack, and is not too embarrassed by the occasional FAIL. One of her favourite moments was accidentally supergluing googley eyes and pipecleaners to the dining table while making Christmas gifts. Oops.

When she's not hanging out in the studio for Rise and Shine, Becci loves spending time with her hubby, kids and friends... and having random ideas like "Hey, maybe I should give this triathlon a go?!"

Alex (Producer)

Alex is new to Christian media and to city life! Her favourite activity is motocross riding with her boyfriend and is not afraid to fall; which never happens anyway... except for that one time which led to her needing surgery on her knee, but lets not talk about that.  On the other end of the spectrum she enjoys art and typical girly things. Alex enjoys keeping active physically and in church-life. She is a Millennial, Net Generationer, tech-savy, instagrammer. However, she has only recently discovered how to use the “shift” key on her keyboard instead of “caps lock”!



Tracy (News)

Rise & Shine's faithful newsreader, Tracy Weare, has been driving to work in the dark for more years than she cares to remember, to make sure you are kept informed on what's going on in the world. When she's not working hard in the newsroom, Tracy enjoys spending time with her adoring hubby Mark, and their grown-up daughters.



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