Set Free

with Ken Legg

Set Free

with Ken Legg

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About the show

Over 1,000 churches & small groups throughout Australia have used training resources developed by Ken Legg and now you can hear him in this 10 minute teaching programme.

Set Free Ministries was established in 1996. Ken, and his wife Marianne, are pastors of New Beginnings Christian Church, on the Gold Coast. They have been involved in Christian ministries for more than 30 years, having pastored churches in the U.K, New Zealand and Australia since 1973.

Ken ministers the grace of God and has a unique way of sharing this message, which sets people free from legalism and striving and brings them into the liberty Christ intends for us.

Recently Aired

Is The Bible The Word Of God? – 16 March 2017

One way we can prove that the Bible is true and inspired by God, is to look at the predictions it contains. So many of them have already come true, in meticulous detail. Some are yet to happen but we can see the elements lining up to see how they could happen. Over the ages, many people have tried to predict the future, but none have been anywhere near as accurate as the Bible. It is another way we can see that the Bible is the Word of God.

Is The Bible The Word Of God? – 15 March 2017

The Bible consists of 66 books that were written over a period of 1600 years, by more than 40 authors, and yet there is an incredible unity, with no contradictions. We will look at how the Bible works together as one big message from God, and how its harmony proves that it was inspired by God himself.

Is The Bible The Word Of God? – 14 March 2017

Is the Bible the word of God? Can we trust it? That is what Ken Legg is exploring. One way we can prove that the Bible is true is to look at what archaelogists are discovering in the Middle East, and how that lines up with Bible stories. Some fascinating information.

Is The Bible The Word Of God? – 13 March 2017

Where do you get your definition of what is right and wrong? Is something 'right' because everyone else thinks it is? Is it right because it is not hurting anyone else? Is it right because your parents told you so? We will explore the Word of God, the Bible, and see why so many people use it as their ultimate guidebook on how to live.



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