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Hobart is Australia's second-oldest capital city, and the central area is served by five FM transmitters — the first of which began broadcasting in 2005 in Lauderdale.

There's been a transmitter in the city centre since 2009 on 88.0 FM. Another eight transmitters cover  the towns and villages around Hobart.


Tasmania's first two Vision transmitters were both set up in 2005 in the Hobart area — at Lauderdale (87.6 FM) and, a few months later, in Gagebrook (88.0 FM), one of the city's northernmost suburbs.

Picture courtesy JJ Harrison


87.6 FM (LP)

87.8 FM (LP)

88.0 FM (LP)

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What do HP and LP mean?

LP means this frequency is low-powered, with a typical coverage of around 5km radius.
HP means high-powered with a much larger coverage – typically, 30–50km radius.


Claremont 87.8 FM - Low Powered

Hobart 88.0 FM - Low Powered

Kingston 88.0 FM - Low Powered

Lauderdale 87.6 FM - Low Powered

Mornington 87.6 FM - Low Powered

Risdon Vale 87.8 FM - Low Powered

(Photo via: Discover Tasmania)

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