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Sydney is Australia's largest city with a population heading towards five million. It's also one of the world's most multicultural cities because it's home to so many of Australia's migrant communities.  Vision's break-through transmitter is a high-power AM transmitter in the city's western suburbs, at Badgerys Creek on 1611 AM.


Vision's only transmitter in the Sydney metropolitan area is our 400 watt transmitter on 1611 AM at Badgerys Creek, which covers the city's western suburbs. It came on air in December 2014, so it’s a relative newcomer to the city's crowded airwaves. However, Badgerys Creek is to be the site for a new Western Sydney airport, which the Australian Government hopes will generate new jobs and boost the area's economy.


1611 AM (HP)


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What do HP and LP mean?

LP means this frequency is low-powered, with a typical coverage of around 5km radius.
HP means high-powered with a much larger coverage – typically, 30–50km radius.


Western Sydney 1611 AM

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