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The PM Introduces Religious Discrimination Bill

Scott Morrison says, autocrats have never felt comfortable with “the refusal of individuals to give to the state what is the proper place of the Divine”.

Helping War Veterans Recover From Traumas Of Conflict

‘Warriors Set Free’ team offers “unspoken understanding because it includes veterans with a brotherhood based on their military service”.

Frontline Pastors Risk Lives In Russia, Former Soviet Republics

During the pandemic, Russian pastors trekked hundreds of kilometres on foot to deliver food, medicines and Bibles.

How Covid Is Taking A Heavy Toll On Pastors and Churches

Around 20,000 pastors left in 2020 as more than 4,000 churches closed

Christian Florist Settles Lawsuit Over Same Sex Wedding Refusal

77-year-old says she’s never had to compromise her conscience, or go against her faith.


Global Leadership Summit Aims To Raise Up Christian Leaders

“This is more than just listening to world class content from pastors and leaders. We just don’t want information, we want application.

New Crisis Helpline For Australians Under Mental Stress

1800 CHAPLAIN opens nationwide on November 15.

“More Than One Million Australian Children Going Hungry”

Food insecurity actually affects more people in jobs than those who are unemployed.

NSW Hosts Celebration of Special Religious Education Program

Aims to celebrate volunteers from faith communities, as well as providers and schools who work together in developing faith and values beyond the classroom.

“Spiritual Health Essential For Well-Being Program In The Workplace”

“All of of those qualities of patience, peace, love, joy, the fruits of the spirit are things I think are important for Christians to be thinking about  and developing.”


Finland MP Facing Jail For Sharing Her Biblical Beliefs

Long serving politician voiced her opinion on marriage in a 2004 booklet on sexual ethics, describing marriage as between one man and one woman.

‘Visionary Hero’ Of Pro-Life Movement Mourned

“A man who never met a challenge he would not face head on.”

Council Puts Restrictions On Churches Feeding The Homeless

“This is the way we express our religion. By feeding people.”

Egypt Appears To Be Relaxing Policies On Religious Freedom

The Barnabas Fund charity says the situation for Christians in Egypt is better than it has been for years.

Former Seattle Gang Member Turns Life Around To Become Pastor

James says it’s a privilege to pastor young Black men to accept the hope in Christ, just like he did.


Christian Camps For Aussie Kids In The Child Protection System

“Every child is given a Bible at the start of the week and for some, that’s helped change their lives.”

Texas Pastor Credits Jesus For His Longevity As He Reaches 100

Jack loves to quote Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Church of England’s Youngest Bishop Raised in Leprosy Hospital

“From his earliest memories in the leprosy hospital, the new Bishop’s heart was bent towards those living in poverty.”

Finland MP Facing Jail For Sharing Her Biblical Beliefs

Long serving politician voiced her opinion on marriage in a 2004 booklet on sexual ethics, describing marriage as between one man and one woman.

Deaf Girl Helps Brings Her Muslim Father To Jesus Christ

“When a young deaf person comes to Christ, it can transform the entire family.”


Jack Gunston To Return For Hawthorn

The 29 year old had back surgery in December but has trained strongly over the past fortnight

Sydney Continues Unbeaten Streak in AFL

Lance Franklin kicked his 950th career goal in his return from injury.

Barty to Begin Miami Title Defence Campaign

After receiving a first-round bye, Ash Barty will play Kristina Kučová in the round of 64.

AFL Tribunal Bans Dangerfield for Three Matches

The AFL Tribunal graded Patrick Dangerfield’s high bump against Adelaide’s Jake Kelly as a “severe” act of rough conduct.

Knights Star to Reach NRL Milestone

Newcastle halfback Mitchell Pearce will become the 42nd footballer to play 300 NRL games.


Religious Freedom and the Long Wait for Sex Discrimination Changes  

Some people don’t want to concede religious freedom influences everything. “They want to try and confine it to the private space of the home and the church hall,” Charles Newington,

God’s World in Transformation – Elizabeth Kendal

The God of transformation who deals with our problems. “He comes right into the middle of the conflict. He comes into the darkest places in this world and He deals with our suffering.” Elizabeth Kendal.

Safe Schools? ‘Get Out Now’ – Bill Muehlenberg

“Whether it’s the radical pro-homosexual transgender sex courses like Safe Schools, often the children are actually told, ‘Do not share this with your parents at home!’ Bill Muehlenberg re ‘Get Out Now’.

Marriage Vote

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