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Latin America’s Massive Humanitarian Crisis As Millions Flee Venezuela

Thousands illegally crossing the high altitude border from Bolivia to Chile where dozens are dying from the extreme cold.

Christian Groups Alarmed By UK’s Spike In Poverty During Pandemic

“Even lowest tier of Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” which includes food, water, sleep and warmth is not being met.”

Statues Of Jesus Christ Just Keep Getting Bigger In Unlikely Places

Rio’s iconic ‘Christ The Redeemer’ becoming dwarfed by other statues of Jesus around the world.

Pro-Lifers Optimistic Of Landmark Abortion Ruling Being Overturned

Tens of thousands attend annual ‘March For Life’ in Washington DC in biggest pro-life rally since pandemic began.

Christian Crusade Stampede Tragedy In Liberia

The stampede occurred when a street gang stormed the area.


Australians Warned to Leave Ukraine Immediately

The United States has put 8,500 troops on stand-by amid concerns of a Russian invasion in Ukraine.

McGowan’s Border Backflip Leaves WA Isolated Indefinitely

The premier had promised to reopen the borders once the state’s double-dose vaccination rate reached 90 per cent. It is currently at 89 per cent.

AO Day Three Results

Ash Barty pleased with how she’s playing.

Code Brown Enacted for Victorian Hospitals

The Prime Minister has rejected suggestions the ADF could be deployed to Victorian hospitals. 

AO Day Two Results

It was mixed results for the Aussies on Day Two of the Grand Slam.

AO Day One Results

Elation and heartbreak for Aussies on Day One of the AO

ADF to Assess Damage and Provide Aid in Tonga

An Australian Defence Force aircraft will inspect critical infrastructure following a volcanic eruption which triggered tsunami waves.

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