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Christian Groups Alarmed By UK’s Spike In Poverty During Pandemic

“Even lowest tier of Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” which includes food, water, sleep and warmth is not being met.”

Statues Of Jesus Christ Just Keep Getting Bigger In Unlikely Places

Rio’s iconic ‘Christ The Redeemer’ becoming dwarfed by other statues of Jesus around the world.

Pro-Lifers Optimistic Of Landmark Abortion Ruling Being Overturned

Tens of thousands attend annual ‘March For Life’ in Washington DC in biggest pro-life rally since pandemic began.

Christian Crusade Stampede Tragedy In Liberia

The stampede occurred when a street gang stormed the area.

Faith in God Helps Man Swim To Safety After Tonga Tsunami

Devout Tongan Christian says the manna of God saved him, daughter thanks Jesus for protecting him.


Fire Destroys Everything In Police Officer’s Home Except His Bible

An Indiana police officer whose house burned to the ground just two days before Christmas, later discovered that his family Bible had been completely untouched by the flames. Officer Michael Price said there’s not even a mark on the pages as he showed the untarnished Holy Book to reporters. The Bible which has been in …Read More

Christians Fear Mass Closure of Churches If Russia Invades Ukraine

Churches in Russian-controlled east Ukraine declare prayer as their spiritual weapon, saying “God can undo what the politicians are planning.”

India Backflips On Ban For Mother Teresa’s Charity To Help Its Poor

“Greatest insult to the memory of Mother Teresa who devoted her life to care for the ‘poor and wretched’ of India”.

European Court Refuses To Hear Discrimination Case Over Cake

“Decision protects all people from compelled speech and means everyone’s human rights have been affirmed”. 

Parliamentary Committee Resumes Hearing On Proposed New Federal Religious Freedom Laws

“Suggestions that religious schools will expel students and expel staff on the grounds of sexual orientation have gravely misrepresented and undermined the good work of Christian schools.” 

London Hospital Harassed, Victimised And Discriminated Against Christian Nurse

Defence lawyers said it was astonishing an experienced nurse was forced to choose between her faith and the profession she loves during a pandemic.

Pakistani Pastor Sentenced To Death For Blasphemy Against Islam

Wife believes he was targeted because many Muslims hated how quickly his church was growing.

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