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Aboriginal Community Prepares for ‘Change The Heart’ Prayer Service

“20, 000 people are tuning into Jesus at the same time and listening to voices that God has raised up in our Aboriginal Christian life.”

Deadly Attack On Christians Adds To South Sudan Humanitarian Crisis

28 people have been reported dead after suspected Islamic extremists attacked a Christian village and burned down 60 houses in South Sudan, near the border with Sudan. Aid workers told Worthy News “huge numbers of villagers were left with nothing but their clothes.” They appealed for “urgent supplies of tents, clothing, medicines, and especially food …Read More

Further Crackdown On Christianity In China, Strict New Rules For Online Content

Christian-run Bible apps and social media accounts removed and searches for words like “Christ”, “Bible” and “Gospel” blocked.

World’s Most Dangerous Countries For Christians in 2022

“Christians are facing a war against hatred and discrimination on two separate fronts.”

United Nations General Assembly Approves a Permanent Commission Of Inquiry Into Israel

“The UN has fallen to a new low and approved a budget for a despicable and biased commission that has no right to exist.”


Controversial Sculpture Removed from United Nations HQ

Critics say it looked eerily similar to the “beast” described in the books of Daniel and Revelation.

Pope Labels Couples Opting For Pets Instead Of Children As ‘Selfish’

Pontiff laments ‘demographic winter’ saying the denial of fatherhood and motherhood ‘diminishes our humanity’.

Flood Cleanup Underway on Fraser Coast

Hundreds have been evacuated from Maryborough.

Abortions By Far The Biggest Cause Of Deaths Globally

Around 42 million abortions carried out across the world every year.

Broadcaster Supplies Radio Kits For Christians In Some Of The Worst Countries For Persecution

Christians can gather to study the word of God in their own language, and in fellowship with other believers.

Scepticism Over Iran Supreme Court ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict on House Church Charges

“It allows for the continued repression of religious minorities including new believers.”

Sending 100,000 Bibles To Believers Facing Persecution

One of America’s most prominent Christian ministries will send 100,000 Bibles to persecuted believers. Open Doors raised nearly one million dollars to send Bibles to Christians in some of the world’s most hostile nations like Afghanistan, North Korea and Nigeria. President David Curry said the fundraiser was the greatest outpouring of support the ministry has …Read More

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