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The UK Announces Plan to Exit Lockdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the plan aims to be cautious but irreversible.

Impeachment Trial Drawing Near

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial will begin in 9 days.

WHO Investigative Team Released from Quarantine in China

The team is expected to visit the hospitals which treated patients at the onset of the pandemic.

UK Passes A Sombre Coronavirus Milestone

The UK becomes the first European nation to record more than 100,000 deaths from COVID-19.

Joe Biden Inaugurated as 46th US President

Mr Biden has been sworn in as leader and Kamala Harris as Vice President.

Joe Biden to Reverse Trump Administration Policies

The incoming leader will overturn Trump policies on climate and international arrivals.

The House of Representatives Vote to Impeach Donald Trump

The House on Wednesday voted 232-197 to impeach Donald Trump.

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Nursing Home Residents Given Overdose of Pfizer Vaccine

It’s understood the 88-year-old man and 94-year-old woman have both been given more than the recommended dose. 

Facebook to Restore Local News Pages

A new arrangement between Facebook and the Australian government will see local news pages restored.

Government Announces Permanent Increase to JobSeeker

The JobSeeker rate will permanently increase by $50 a fortnight from April – an extra $3.57 a day.

The UK Announces Plan to Exit Lockdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the plan aims to be cautious but irreversible.

Scott Morrison Well Ahead in New Opinion Poll

Voters are favouring the incumbent Prime Minister, but the latest Newspoll shows the next federal election will be close.

Facebook Bans Australian News In Response To Media Code

Facebook has also blocked important government information pages including the weather bureau, health departments and police agencies.

Victorian Lockdown to End at Midnight

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced the statewide lockdown will end at 11.59 pm, but some restrictions will remain.

Magnates Propose Regional Quarantine Camps

Two of the country’s richest businessmen are offering to set up quarantine camps outside of capital cities.

Drop in Reliance on JobKeeper: ATO

The Tax Office has released figures showing that businesses in every state and territory are graduating from the wage subsidy.

Victoria Announces a Five Day Lockdown

From 11:59 pm Friday night until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, Victoria will move to Stage 4 restrictions.

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