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Iran Re-Elects Hassan Rouhani

Iran’s re-elected President Hassan Rouhani has been sworn in for his 2nd term, promising his country will pursue a path of coexistence and interaction with the world President Rouhani appealed for upholding the 2015 nuclear deal brokered with President Barack Obama, which saw sanctions lifted in return for Iran’s scaling back its nuclear ambitions. During …Read More

Would-be Jihadists Jailed for Life

Three would-be jihadists have been jailed for life in the UK, for plotting attacks on police or soldiers. The 25, 29 and 33 year olds had planned a “mass casualty attack”. UK correspondent Adam Gilchrist says, the judge said the men were gripped by a “long-standing, radical, violent ideology”. Ali, Hussain and Rahman – who …Read More

January Phone Call Details Leaked to Press

Despite efforts to stop leaks from the White House, the Washington Post has obtained details of the infamous phone call between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on January 28th. The call starts pleasantly enough, talking about Australian golf legend Greg Norman. But when the discussion turns to the deal made by President …Read More

US Green Card Lottery May Be Axed

A bill to slash the number of legal immigrants entering the United States has been endorsed by President Donald Trump. If passed, the policy would see an end to the visa lottery – which gives foreigners, including Australians, a green card into the country at random. President Trump says the proposed bill will cut immigration …Read More

Thieves Steal NASA Astronaut’s Belongings

Several historical items belonging to NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong have been stolen from a museum in the US, including an 18-karat gold replica of the Eagle lunar module. The theft at the Air and Space museum in Ohio, happened on Friday night. The thieves also made off with rare medals, coins and other heirlooms from …Read More

NZ Labour Leader Steps Down

The leader of the Labour Party in New Zealand has stepped down, just seven weeks before a general election. Andrew Little resigned this morning, citing his party’s poor performance in the latest opinion polls. One of the most recent polls showed Labour support at 24 percent – only 9 points ahead of the Greens, and …Read More

Anthony Scaramucci fired

Controversial White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has been fired by US President Donald Trump – just ten days after he was appointed, Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders says the former Wall Street financier ‘felt it was best to give Chief of Staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team’ John …Read More

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